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We are
Dolce Ice Cream!

We are Dolce Ice Cream!!!


The Dolce ice cream enjoys a special place among the various ice cream brands in Uttar Pradesh & Uttarakhand. The brand has made strong inroads in the market thanks to its quality, variety, taste and a strong sales network.

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Amazing Range of Exotic Flavours!!!


Dolce presents the rich and creamy ice cream in a variety of flavours. Since we respect your right to choose we make sure that you got to choose from a list which is simply mouth watering. Be it good old Vanilla or exotic fruity flavours, whether its Belgian Chocolate or Dark Choclate. The distinctly Indian Kulfi or Kesar Badam. We've got it all and we keep adding new and exiting flavours to our rich kitty!

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So many....

Lots of Varieties to Choose from!!!


We understand the market like nobody does. There are kids who'd go out for ice cream and always take their favourite cone or candy. And then there are those who'd always love to try something new! Well we like to spoil you. Pickup from our long range of candies, cones, cups, kulfies, sudaeas, party packs, tubs and God know what not, you'd be delighted for sure!

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Our Products


Our Products


The range of product is quite vast and the portfolio consists of varieties of flavours across various segments.

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Ice Cream

Ice Cream Parlours


Dolce is also planning to expand the parlour business under both the ‘company owned’ and the ‘franchise model’, where both strategic as well as logistics support will be provided.

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