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Ice Cream

Dolce Ice Cream was born in 2011 in Lucknow the capital city of Uttar Pradesh, India but the background of promoters in the ice cream industry is way older than that. Amrish Chothwani, the Managing Partner of Dolce ice cream has immense experience of the industry and has been associated with leading brands in India before launching his own brand. The Dolce ice cream now enjoys a special place among the various ice cream brands in Uttar Pradesh & Uttarakhand. The brand has made strong inroads in the market thanks to its quality, variety, taste and a strong sales network.

When it comes to taste and quality of the product, Dolce has always scored high in the market. Packaged attractively in all sorts of modern packaging with great aesthetics and beautiful designs, the products are being accepted very well in the market. The range of product is quite vast and the portfolio consists of varieties of flavours across various segments.

D F Food Products, owner of Dolce Ice Cream brand, is promoted by dynamic trio of Deepak Aswani , Vinod Kalani and Amrish Chothwani  all in their forties and with very successful background in their respective businesses. D F Food Products has built a new ultramodern ice cream plant, which has helped immensely in increasing capacity and consistency of products. Thanks to this new state-of-art plant the brand now has the capacity to cover new territories and expand its horizons.


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